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  • The Neuroscience of how Women’s and Men’s Brains differ August 26, 2022
    Timothy explores the neuroscience of how women and men’s brains are wired differently, and why this matters to how you lead and engage each other. He ends the show with tips on how to boost your brain power for both women and men.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Unsaid Pleasure in the Brain August 19, 2022
    Timothy explores how we derive pleasure from a level beyond what is said, to a hidden dimension of relationships, brands and experiences. This episode is for those wanting to have healthier relationships, connect to their consumers, and build greater influence.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Neuro Habits of a Happy Brain with Dr Loretta Breuning July 29, 2022
    Timothy explores brain implications with Dr Loretta Breuning, author of ‘Habits of a Happy Brain’. They discuss why and how the brain produces unhappiness, and how to rewire your brain to experience more happiness. Dr Breuning shares practical strategies on how to develop your action plan for mental happiness.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • The Changing Brain with Neuroscientist, Dr Joseph Jebelli July 22, 2022
    Timothy and neuroscientist Dr Joseph Jebelli - author of 'How the Mind Changed: A Human History of Our Evolving Brain’ - explore what the changing brain means to your identity… why society has advanced faster than our brain, and what that means for creatives and leaders who lead complex teams. If it's possible for your […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Body over Brain: Influencing the Brain with your Body July 15, 2022
    Timothy sits down with Embodiment Consultant and Storytelling Strategist, Colin Skelton, and they explore how the body influences the brain, and how to get more out of your brain by understanding the power of your body.
    Timothy Maurice Webster