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Fueling Futures, a leadership memoir- is my attempt to capture the journey- a case study of a young female professional grappling with her identity, the ‘MeToo’ gender moment, working in a male dominated environment and ultimately how she overcomes social injustices to build and shares her Influence.  As you’ll come to discover, Tshepiso Phosa is a complex young woman whose Mom...

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  • Hacking your Brain & Fertility potential October 1, 2019 — Timothy Maurice sits down with Australian Bio Hacker, Speaker and Human Potential thought leader, James Yates, to explore how he and his partner changed their lives to defy the odds to not only boost their health and brain power, but also how they had a baby despite doctors saying they couldn’t - by […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • The Power of Human Capital: Part 2 of 2 July 22, 2019 — In part two of The Power of Human Capital Series, Timothy Maurice Webster continues his insights and learning mission by interviewing more global Duke CE thought leaders, South African human capital thought leaders, partners in the Million Young Minds Project and the conference host - Sharmla Chetty, Duke CE’s President, Global MD, Europe […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • The Power of Human Capital: Part 1 of 2 July 22, 2019 — A two-part series exploring the future of human capital, pioneered by and in collaboration with and Duke CE. With Brain & Brand author, Timothy Maurice Webster as host, this series seeks to uncover through Duke CE’s leadership lens, what it will take for leaders to thrive in a complex era where artificial […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • Hundreds of South Africans share their Political Hopes March 8, 2019 — Drawing on his research around what’s required for the brain to operate at its highest level, Timothy asks South Africans which political party will best position them to live their goals and dreams. From a Neuroscience perspective, the brain requires what’s termed ‘Total Reliable Resources’ in order to operate at its full peak. […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • An Untold Success Blueprint February 20, 2019 — In this bonus episode, Timothy shares the untold story of how Naomi Osaka’s father, Leonard Francois, used a special blueprint to make his daughter the number one tennis star in the world.
    Timothy Maurice