Timothy merges neuroscience and behavioral science to demonstrate how to trigger buy-in for inspired leadership, internal brand buy-in and personal image and brand mastery- leveraging the Unconscious Mind.  Timothy uses case studies, practical experience with clients and research to provide strategy to shift consciousness about leadership potential in the brain for both leaders, employees and their stakeholders.  Creating stronger organizational brand and leadership power and more effective campaigns to strengthen your bottom-line for professionals executives, influencers, politicians, artists and small business owners.



Social Identity Strategy 

Timothy has created a model where he uses the brain’s make up to show the universal nature of how the brain works and how to merge this understanding of cultural systems from different backgrounds to demonstrate how Inclusion can be achieved.  Considering the complex history in South Africa and other parts of the world, Timothy uses anecdotes and proven behavioral design principles to show how inclusion can offer value to an organization’s bottom line.  Building on the opportunities within classes, age groups, race and cultural biases- he will help teams map in-group and out-group strategy by understanding brain functioning. Inspired by Inclusive Personal branding strategy- which builds on and leverages the strength of each individual’s cultural strengths.



Women’s Influence

Timothy decade long research- interviewing women for Destiny Magazing, Forbes Woman and CNBC Africa’s Inside Her C-Suite, Timothy shares his learning in a high impact, insights format, directed to Leading Women: Interrogating the Gender injustice history and offering practicacl policty tools & opportunities for women to create a compelling advantage.  Lifting the Brand Narrative associated with women, Timothy’s talk are based on research, brain understanding of men and women lead differently.  The Brand Woman engagement is pioneering in the area of navigating gender bias and the historical oppression of women.



The Power of 'Story'

Increasing creative capacity using the power of story and the endowment effect to design campaigns that link mutual values (consumer and company) using narrative development.  Leading to a more creative and influential brand.



 Inspiring youth to map, navigate and create a vision for their personal brand destiny. Positioning youth to be personal brand leaders.

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Timothy's leading thought leadership work positions him to be a senior adviser to influencers, executives and professionals in the areas of Board Leadership, Personal Brand Leadership Strategy, Diversity Engagement, Women's leadership at C-Suite level. One on one consulting occurs in 3 phases over 3-6 months or 1-2 year options.

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