Personal Brand Intelligence (PBQ)



Timothy introduces bold thinking that questions the value of personal branding and how to navigate the complexity of measuring your identity in varying leadership environments from executive to entertainment/arts to political. Like EQ/Emotional Intelligence, PBQ is a way to create heightened awareness of your personal brand potential that shares research, case studies and Timothy's personal experience with leaders and influencers around the world.

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Soul to Sole (Authentic Branding)

soul cover


If you listen quietly, you can hear it, that voice, soft and empowering yet out of sync. What is this voice and what does it want? As the twenty-first century evolves this voice fades and we’re becoming a society made of personas and modern archetype.

Personovation (Re-inventing Your Brand)



In this motivational work, esteemed brand philosopher Timothy Maurice Webster inspires individuals to re-brand themselves to align personal self-perception and esteem with how they are viewed by society.
Personovation is a journey of personal innovation that involves interrogating and re-inventing your personal brand to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. How can you re-introduce yourself to those around you – letting them know who you think you really are, so that people recognize your true value?

Thinking about You (Introduction to Personal Brand Leadership)



An introduction to Personal Branding. Timothy was the first to publish a book about Personal Branding in Southern Africa.

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