Timothy Maurice Webster is the author of four brand leadership books and columnist who consults & speaks on the science of Human & Brand Behavior- with an emphasis on three key leadership pillars; Values formation, Behavioral/Style Psychology and Brand Influence.  Timothy has been working in Africa and emerging markets for the past decade.  with a background in branding, design and psychology is inspired by his studies at the Image Institute, Brookstone College and a Diploma in Neuroscience for Leadership from Massachusetts Institute of Technology- MIT.

His brain and brand research inspires dialogue and critical thinking- inspiring creative and strategic ideas for personal and organizational brands. His research is influential in the following Professional Leadership Pillars- Executive leadership, Brand Influence & Gender Equality.    His clients are those who seek to influence and expand themselves, their organizations and society.  



Media Partners

Columnist for Destiny Magazine

Host of CBNC Africa's Inside Her C Suite

Contributor for Metro FM's DJ Fresh Show #FreshIdeas

Apple & Cliffcentral Podcaster

Contributor or Forbes Woman Africa

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