Your Brain and Body has more elite capacity than you realize – The Tom Brady Effect

Wondering why Tom Brady winning his 7th super bowl at 43yrs old is a big deal?  Here’s why from my lens:  I see two reasons.  Firstly, We can grow new brain connections and reduce the degenerate nature of our cellular decline late into life.  Many of us have accepted conventional ideas about the rate at which our bodies and brains should and will decline.  Brady’s age defying elite performance is accessible to all of us.  Your body’s and brain’s cells can operate at higher levels with more conscious and intentional engagement with food/exercise/supplements.  However, it requires creating a system in your home and in your schedule that will help you override the temptation to navigate towards easier and quicker decisions that often lead to poor choices.  Designing your home and your schedule to ensure you’re able to make better choices is key.  You can only sustain the shifts you know you need to make if you design for the change, not hope for it.  Design meaning- place healthier foods in easier to reach areas… place water bottles around you so you don’t have to look for it… map and manage your schedule and those around you so you can invest in a walk- proactive design.  Secondly, Tom Brady was chosen 199th in his NFL draft class.  You do not have have to be a top recruit or number 1 to excel in life.  In fact, many of the most successful singers, executives, entrepreneurs, authors… all experienced being overlooked by someone who had less grit and lower internal capacity and they simply use this as fuel.  This is a big part of the bit of success I’ve been able to produce.  A huge congrats to Tom Brady for the win and inspiring us.  And finally, I’m not saying Brady is perfect, sometimes you have to be an A**hole in the process because not everyone is as inspired as you!