Real Women’s Entrepreneurship Empowerment…

My experience with women across South Africa- there is fatigue around brands who talk women’s empowerment but do not put their money where there mouth is… which is why I have partnered with Total South Africa.  Are you a Female Entrepreneur under 35yrs Old? If so, I understand your plight and that’s why I’ve partnered with Total to offer you the opportunity to win financial support, media exposure, leadership coaching and so much more.  Its not enough to raise awareness for women’s empowerment and gender equality- we have to do more.  The Feminist Iconic Poet Maya Angelou said, “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”  Total South Africa has recognized there are Women out there doing just that and want to support them.

This is the second year of the ‘Total Start Upper of the Year Challenge’ designed passionately to support entrepreneurship.  Taking an idea from your heart, building it in your mind and then escorting it out to the Universe is not easy.  From funding fiascos to the family sacrifices needed to survive, there’s a reason roughly half of small businesses make it past five years. But, the entire world is waking up to the power of bold entrepreneurs- those who seek to reshape the world by tackling social challenges through an entrepreneurial lens.

We know you need more than inspiration- you need real support. Total South Africa is not only raising awareness about Female Entrepreneurship, but is pumping money, networks and other resources exactly where you need them- into the engine of your business.  You can apply right now for the chance to win, click here-

There are 6 levels of simple criteria, as follows:

  1. 35yrs or younger?
  2. South African?
  3. 2yrs- Your entrepreneurial project should be less than 2yrs?
  4. Impact- Offer a practical way of addressing a public health, safety, education, accessibility or other issue affecting local communities.
  5. Innovation- Is there something new and refreshing about your project?
  6. Feasible- Is your project able to be rolled out and scaled to the broader public?

We live in an era where the ability for an entrepreneur to change the world with inspired and innovative ideas is greater now than it ever has been before.  The advancements in technology along with social media enabling bold thinkers to connect their thoughts with the best minds in lightning speed.  The hashtag for the campaign with be #TotalStartUpperSA at the very least, you can follow the hashtag and connect with other super inspiring entrepreneurs like yourself- your network can contribute mightily to your networth.  Follow me on twitter @timothymaurice and @TotalSouthAfrica for more.

Over a decade ago I dedicated my career to my mother which is why I research, write for and publish with female leaders in mind- for Destiny Magazine, CNBC Africa and other media outlets- sharing the plight of female entrepreneurs and executives throughout Africa and the rest of the world.  Your journey is important to me and believe me- I guarantee your submission will be considered with integrity and deep consideration- every idea matters.

Thank you for your courage and the work you’re doing.  The deadline for submission is the 13th of November- so do not delay, submit now… here is the link again-