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Timothy introduces bold thinking that questions the value of personal branding and how to navigate the complexity of measuring your identity in varying leadership environments from executive to entertainment/arts to political. Like EQ/Emotional Intelligence, PBQ is a way to create heightened awareness of your personal brand potential that shares research, case studies and Timothy's personal experience with leaders and influencers around the world.


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  • A NON-Religious Perspective On Limiting God September 19, 2017 — Timothy Interviews prolific author Rinus le Roux about his book 'Stumbling Upon God Whilst Looking For Myself'.
    Timothy Maurice
  • How My Imagination Saved My Life... September 12, 2017 — Timothy Maurice explores the power of the imagination and why your imagination's self is more important than your four other selves.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Why We Eat Each Other September 5, 2017 — Timothy explores why it's vital that we learn how to make our histories and internal brands appetising. He argues that how we see each dictates how we taste to each other.
    Timothy Maurice
  • The Power of Brand Consistency August 29, 2017 — Timothy speaks to the award-winning Paula Sartini, founder and CEO of Brand Quantum, about why Brand Consistency is critical to a brand's bottom line.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Creativity: Filling Nothing with Something August 22, 2017 — Timothy shares how 'nothing' exists all around us, and offers a couple of ways to own your creative instincts to begin connecting the dots. We are all dot connectors.
    Timothy Maurice

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