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  • A Neuroscience Professor’s Brain Power Short Course (Part 2 of 3) September 16, 2020 — In part 2 of this series, Timothy Maurice brings back MIT Neuroscience Professor, Dr Tara Swart, as she shares research and insight into subjects ranging from navigating diversity... to channeling your brain power during uncertain times. Dr Swart is a Neuroscientist and the author of bestselling books ‘Neuroscience for Leadership’ and ‘The Source’.
    Timothy Maurice
  • A Neuroscience Professor’s Brain Power Short Course (Part 1 of 3) September 10, 2020 — Timothy Maurice interviews MIT Neuroscience Professor, Dr Tara Swart, in a 3-part Brain Power series to offer you a simple short course to help you get more out of your brain, and apply the latest brain research to your personal brand and leadership journey. Dr Swart is the author of the best selling […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • An MIT Professor on your LinkedIN strategy September 2, 2020 — Timothy Maurice speaks to Ben Shields, Professor of Managerial Communications at MIT, and author of 'Persuasion in Networked Culture', about the power of persuasion and the strategic use of social media... plus the importance of having a targeted, practical plan on LinkedIN.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Is the Female Orgasm linked to Gender Equality? August 27, 2020 — Timothy Maurice speaks to Pleasure Activist Tamar Goren about how power and patriarchal systems have attempted to stifle female pleasure, and how women can free themselves to pursue their most equal and sexually liberated selves. This conversation is deeply tied to gender equality, and you’ll discover both how the system has locked you […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • Educating your 13-year-old Mind August 19, 2020 — Timothy Maurice asks a neuroscientist, bank CEO, student and women from all walks of life to go into the mind of their 13-year-old self, and share what they’ve learned. Your brain is influenced by its experiences and the patterns carved from youth, but you can rewire your brain to chart the next chapter […]
    Timothy Maurice