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  • Inside the Mind of a Netflix Superstar November 25, 2020
    Timothy sits down with Natasha Thahane, star of global Netflix series, 'Blood and Water', to discover how she developed her mindset in order to operate at such a high level in her career. With 3.8 million followers on Instagram (she gained over 800,000 followers in just 9 months in 2020, and her star continues to […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • A Stanford Researcher on Building Social Cohesion between Christians and Muslims through Soccer November 17, 2020
    Timothy Maurice speaks to Salma Mousa, PhD about social cohesion under challenging circumstances. They explore two of her papers where she shares data and insights into how footballers impact prejudice, and what happened when Christians and Muslims were put on the same soccer team in post-ISIS Iraq. The conversation is delightful and insightful, and at […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • How to Win People over (Learning from the Election: A Behavioural Insight) November 4, 2020
    As an American, Timothy Maurice shares one simple key behavioural psychology insight that merges both his experience in America with his studies in Behavioural Sciences. In this episode, he unpacks one key idea that you should take away from the US Election in order to win over people when you need support for your ideas, […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • Zappy: A Happiness Activist on the Science of Psychedelics October 29, 2020
    Timothy interviews Michael Zapolin - known as Zappy, Psychedelics Concierge to the Stars in America. Zappy is on a mission to help people find happiness in themselves by helping them understand the science of psychedelics and to design a lifestyle where they get the most out of their brains. He has an upcoming documentary showing how he […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • The Science of Change with MIT Professor, Dr Deborah Ancona October 22, 2020
    Timothy speaks to MIT Professor, Dr Deborah Ancona, about the Immunity to Change - a theory pioneered by Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. This short episode gives you the insight you need to understand your hidden, competing commitments that are more important than motivation and desire in your quest to change. It's hard, […]
    Timothy Maurice