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  • Phallacy of Power, Equality Beyond the Penis January 14, 2021
    Timothy interviews penis researcher and author of "Phallacy, Life Lessons from the Animal Penis”. Together, they explore how our understanding of genitalia has influenced gender inequality. They also discuss what we can learn from the ongoing studies of both the vagina and the penis about just how similar we are, and what we should be […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • What a Neurosurgeon will teach his son about the Brain December 15, 2020
    Timothy speaks with a neurosurgeon, Ian Human, who has had his life transformed by the birth of his baby boy. They discuss how Ian became a neurosurgeon and what he hopes to teach his son about his brain.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Yale University: Discover Your Personality Scientifically December 10, 2020
    Timothy speaks to Cognitive Science researcher Cameron Berg from Yale University about his groundbreaking Personality Project that attracted the interest of Yale’s Crocket Neuroscience Lab, and how he and his peers from five continents and 15 countries hope to influence the world by offering personality insights that are grounded in science and technology. Discovering your […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • The Brains of 10 Female Investors December 2, 2020
    Timothy sits down with 10 female investors and explores their journey of overcoming social and political challenges in order to fulfil their dreams of becoming financially independent. The diversity and variety of women in this episode reveals fascinating insights which will inspire both men and women to challenge their own mindsets, as you set out […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • Inside the Mind of a Netflix Superstar November 25, 2020
    Timothy sits down with Natasha Thahane, star of global Netflix series, 'Blood and Water', to discover how she developed her mindset in order to operate at such a high level in her career. With 3.8 million followers on Instagram (she gained over 800,000 followers in just 9 months in 2020, and her star continues to […]
    Timothy Maurice