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Timothy introduces bold thinking that questions the value of personal branding and how to navigate the complexity of measuring your identity in varying leadership environments from executive to entertainment/arts to political. Like EQ/Emotional Intelligence, PBQ is a way to create heightened awareness of your personal brand potential that shares research, case studies and Timothy's personal experience with leaders and influencers around the world.

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  • Hundreds of South Africans share their Political Hopes March 8, 2019 — Drawing on his research around what’s required for the brain to operate at its highest level, Timothy asks South Africans which political party will best position them to live their goals and dreams. From a Neuroscience perspective, the brain requires what’s termed ‘Total Reliable Resources’ in order to operate at its full peak. […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • An Untold Success Blueprint February 20, 2019 — In this bonus episode, Timothy shares the untold story of how Naomi Osaka’s father, Leonard Francois, used a special blueprint to make his daughter the number one tennis star in the world.
    Timothy Maurice
  • What Is The Most Important Thing You Know? January 23, 2019 — Timothy asks people from around the world a simple question - what is the most important thing they know.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Architecture & A Nation’s Identity December 11, 2018 — Timothy Maurice sits down with architect Themba Mekwa to discuss the role of architecture in carving a nation’s identity. They also discuss what’s more important - architecture or music.
    Timothy Maurice
  • My Beyonce Kiss & Success Questions December 4, 2018 — Timothy Maurice shares a story about meeting Beyonce, and the power of shifting the type of questions you ask - especially the questions you ask yourself.
    Timothy Maurice