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  • Hack your Life and get More out of it November 12, 2021
    Timothy Maurice sits down with Australian Bio Hacker, Speaker and Human Potential thought leader, James Yates, to explore how to hack your life and increase personal capacity... and how he and his partner changed their lifestyles to defy the odds to not only boost their health and brain power, but also how they had a […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Designing Change: Urgent for Leaders November 5, 2021
    Timothy shares a research conversation with Dr Amy Bucher, PhD about her book 'Engaged: Designing for Behaviour Change'. And they explore 5 key insights into behavioural psychology - Ability blockers, Designing for Growth, Connection, Change and Designing for your Future Self. Amy is VP of Behaviour Change Design at Mad Pow, a design agency in […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Behavioural Science made Simple with Melina Palmer October 29, 2021
    Timothy speaks to Melina Palmer, the author of ‘What your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You’, about simple ways to apply behavioural science to business and your personal life. Melina consults and teaches on the subject, and is passionately driven to remove the jargon and make the science accessible. She offers a certificate course for […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • A Brand of Servant Leadership October 15, 2021
    Timothy travels to Rome to hear from global entrepreneurs about how they have sacrificed and navigated entrepreneurship and leadership post the pandemic. This episode is designed to inspire you to consider your brand of leadership during these times.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • The Neuroscience of Designing Happiness October 8, 2021
    Timothy shares 3 behavioural design ideas, as well as conversations and research with strangers, about what makes them happy.
    Timothy Maurice Webster