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  • Applying Behavioural Science (Part 3 of 3) May 5, 2021
    Timothy presents the final episode in the 3-part applied behavioural science series. In this episode, he explores three effects: The network effect, the Ikea effect and the Hawthorne Effect to get the best out of the series and effectively apply all seven behavioural science principles, be sure to download the first two episodes as well.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Applying Behavioural Science (Part 2 of 3) April 29, 2021
    Timothy brings you part 2 of his 3-part applied behavioural science series. In this second episode, he introduces you to two more strategic applied principles, Scarcity and the Endowment Effect. Both of these ideas will enable you to help clients and stakeholders make decisions with less mental friction. But, there is also an ethical side, […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Applying Behavioural Science (Part 1 of 3) April 21, 2021
    Timothy Maurice Webster brings you a simple to understand and practical 3-part series on how to use brain science research to change and nudge behaviour for the purposes of connecting with clients, motivating consumers to make decisions, and even to change your own stubborn habits. In this series, Timothy will share 7 strategies. In episode […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Understanding your Basic Instincts with Dr Bob Raleigh April 14, 2021
    Timothy Maurice speaks to Dr Bob Raleigh, the founder of PathSight Predictive Science and author of 'The Search for Why: A Revolutionary New Model for Understanding Others, Improving Communication, and Healing Division'. They explore the brain’s instinctual profiles that will help you understand your and others' impulses, in order to navigate complex relationships.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Quantum Emotion & Attracting What You Want with Dr Melanie Dean April 7, 2021
    Timothy Maurice speaks with Dr Melanie Dean to help you understand what emotions are made of, and how to direct and redirect them to change your life and get what you want. They unpack the link between Quantum Physics and emotions, and how to influence and channel yourself and those around you in the direction […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster