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  • A Conversation with Jeff Bezos & Elon Musk July 1, 2020 — Timothy Maurice cleverly engages the mind of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk by having actors read their quotes from their public statements - in order to understand how these iconic entrepreneurs think critically to grow their businesses, their wealth, as well as how they impact society.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Connecting the Brain’s Dots June 25, 2020 — Timothy Maurice explores a concept called Patternicity, or the brain’s pattern recognition capacity. He speaks to award-winning TV host and mega influencer Ayanda Thabethe about her tweet that went viral about the value of starting from the bottom and connecting the dots along the way. In this episode you’ll learn the importance of […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • An Influence Chat with Steve Harvey June 17, 2020 — Timothy Maurice shares a '5 Key Idea Influence Conversation' with Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey. They explore social impact, heritage, relationships, partnerships and legacy. As you go about building your influence, these key pillars will be vital. The original conversation aired on CNBC Africa.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Strategies for more Privilege June 11, 2020 — Timothy Maurice explores the evolutionary psychology of privilege, and why we are naturally inclined to desire it. He also offers 7 strategies to gain more access to it within your key stakeholder network.
    Timothy Maurice
  • America: A Lesson in Behavioural Design June 2, 2020 — Timothy Maurice shares one major behavioural design lesson that individuals, leaders and governments can learn from how America is going about its social goals wrong. This episode is for people who want to use the behavioural design to implement change in their home, workplace and society. This promises to be a perspective that […]
    Timothy Maurice