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  • A Biologist explains how your Brain deceives July 30, 2020 — Timothy speaks to Erik Vance, a Biologist and award-winning science journalist who has written for The New York Times, Scientific American and National Geographic. They explore the biological basis of expectation, and share how you can use this understanding to integrate it into your personal branding and organisational brand leadership strategy. Erik is […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • Spending time with Nelson Mandela July 23, 2020 — Timothy shares what he learned from being in a relationship with a family member of Nelson Mandela for 10 years. He unpacks 7 key lessons he observed from ‘Brand Mandela’ that you can apply to your life to make a difference in your personal leadership style as well as to impact your community.
    Timothy Maurice
  • A Neurologist’s Tips for an Elite Brain July 16, 2020 — Timothy Maurice reconnects with neurologist, Dr Kirti Ranchod, for a follow-up conversation exploring how to position your brain for elite mental performance. Make sure you go back and listen to the previous episode if you haven't yet. Timothy also shares a behavioural science concept called second brain design.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Brain Boosting Tips from a Neurologist July 9, 2020 — Timothy Maurice speaks to neurologist, Dr Kirti Ranchod, about 3 simple ways to boost your brain to create more capacity, by incorporating the beauty of the arts and nature into your life. Dr Ranchod is an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, Global Brain Health Institute.
    Timothy Maurice
  • A Conversation with Jeff Bezos & Elon Musk July 1, 2020 — Timothy Maurice cleverly engages the minds of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, by having actors read their quotes from their public statements - in order to understand how these iconic entrepreneurs think critically to grow their businesses, their wealth, as well as how they impact society.
    Timothy Maurice