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Fueling Futures, a leadership memoir- is my attempt to capture the journey- a case study of a young female professional grappling with her identity, the ‘MeToo’ gender moment, working in a male dominated environment and ultimately how she overcomes social injustices to build and shares her Influence.  As you’ll come to discover, Tshepiso Phosa is a complex young woman whose Mom...

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  • America: A Lesson in Behavioural Design June 2, 2020 — Timothy Maurice shares one major behavioural design lesson that individuals, leaders and governments can learn from how America is going about its social goals wrong. This episode is for people who want to use the behavioural design to implement change in their home, workplace and society. This promises to be a perspective that […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • The Neuroscience of Action Boards May 26, 2020 — Timothy Maurice speaks with Neuroscientist and Senior Lecturer at MIT, Dr Tara Swart, about her latest book, The Source, which explores the science of the Law of Attraction and what she terms Action Boards, commonly known as Vision Boards. Her book has been translated into more than 30 languages. Dr Swart unpacks why […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • Touch, An Essential May 14, 2020 — Timothy Maurice explores the science of touch with his friend Rafique Symonette - an entrepreneur living in the Bahamas, operating in the tourism business... who happens to also be quarantining alone. They discuss the role of touch in a lockdown, with little to no touch - and a few hacks to survive a […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • All the World's a Stage May 6, 2020 — Timothy Maurice interviews actress Angela Sithole and leadership consultant Raquel Brown from Hollywood, California about how to take on this new stage the world has presented us by owning whatever role you decide to play. It's all about the art of choosing and accepting a role in your personal and professional life.
    Timothy Maurice
  • More or Less April 29, 2020 — The pandemic has inspired people to rethink what they want more of, and what they need less of in their lives. Our consumer behaviour patterns had already begun to change in what has been called the 'dematerialisation of consumption'. Timothy Maurice unpacks this, and reaches out to his network to find out how […]
    Timothy Maurice