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Timothy introduces bold thinking that questions the value of personal branding and how to navigate the complexity of measuring your identity in varying leadership environments from executive to entertainment/arts to political. Like EQ/Emotional Intelligence, PBQ is a way to create heightened awareness of your personal brand potential that shares research, case studies and Timothy's personal experience with leaders and influencers around the world.

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  • The Art & Psychology of Eye Contact May 15, 2018 — Timothy shares a story about his accidental eye contact moment with former US President Bill Clinton, and then unpacks the art and psychology of eye contact and how it could be the skill you need to thrive in your career.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Meeting Oprah: What I learned May 8, 2018 — Timothy shares his experience with Oprah and how a brief conversation with her changed his life about building and sharing your influence.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Trevor Noah & The Surprise Effect May 2, 2018 — Timothy explores the science of surprise and shares a story about how he got surprised at the taping of Trevor Noah’s Daily Show. He also explores how you can use surprise in your brand strategy to build more loyal consumers.
    Timothy Maurice
  • Influencing Legally April 24, 2018 — Timothy Maurice shares a conversation he had in New York with Attorney Maushami Chetty, about how Influencers need to think about the legal side of thriving as an influencer (from contracts to all legal agreements) to protect their influence potential. We are all influencers and it’s getting serious!
    Timothy Maurice
  • Travel & Thrive with a Neuroscientist April 17, 2018 — In Part 3 of this 3-part series Timothy speaks to Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart about tips and ideas to boost your brain power to become a better traveler and a more agile leader.
    Timothy Maurice

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