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  • Mastering Sex Talk with Dr Stephen A. Furlich May 13, 2022
    Timothy speaks to Dr Stephen A. Furlich about his new book, 'Sex Talk', which explains how men and women hear and communicate to each other differently. They explore the science of connecting with the other sex on a personal and professional level, and offer practical strategies on how to overcome stifling gender hurdles. Dr. Furlich […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Trevor Noah, Unfired Neurons May 6, 2022
    Timothy shares a lesson from Trevor Noah’s life that we can all learn to help us cope with ourselves. He also shares a story from when he attended The Daily Show.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • The Unconscious Mind’s Mirror with Marcela Ospina April 29, 2022
    Timothy shares excerpts from a research conversation he had with Colombian-born anthropologist Marcela Ospina, about the links between marketing, design and the consumer’s unconscious mind. Marcela shares how you can strengthen relationships with those you desire to connect with, by understanding what instinctually drives them below their conscious awareness.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • A Smarter Brain with Emily Willingham April 22, 2022
    Timothy welcomes back Emily Willingham, a penis scientist who has shifted her focus to study the brain - and she has a new book called 'The Tailored Brain: From Ketamine, to Keto, to Companionship, A User's Guide to Feeling Better and Thinking Smarter'.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • The Brain’s Emotional Power April 14, 2022
    Timothy Maurice revisits a conversation he had with Dr Melanie Dean, to help you understand what emotions are made of, and how to direct and redirect them to change your life and get what you want. They unpack the link between Quantum Physics and emotions, and how to influence and channel yourself and those around […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster