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  • A Sculptor on Sculpting your Brain June 24, 2022
    Timothy interviews Professor Judith Peck, the author 'Art and Social Interaction', about how art and the artistic process can boost self-esteem, increase capacity to communicate, and increase personal capacity overall. They discuss how to set up systems within an organisation to deliver art programmes to increase inclusion and more.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • How the Brain processes Content Creation June 9, 2022
    Timothy shares a research conversation with New York University Stern Professor of Marketing, Alixandra Barasch, about her latest research about how content creation influences the brain, and why this matters to you as an individual and for brands. Professor Barasch’s research goes counter to the prevailing narrative that ‘being on your phone’ reduces your experience. […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Defying Logic, A Story of Hope June 3, 2022
    Timothy shares an inspiring story about how an encounter with a student before the student’s big interview for a large South African bank changed a life, and the lessons we can all take away about social media, wellness, inclusion and so much more.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Mastering Sex Talk with Dr Stephen A. Furlich May 13, 2022
    Timothy speaks to Dr Stephen A. Furlich about his new book, 'Sex Talk', which explains how men and women hear and communicate to each other differently. They explore the science of connecting with the other sex on a personal and professional level, and offer practical strategies on how to overcome stifling gender hurdles. Dr. Furlich […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Trevor Noah, Unfired Neurons May 6, 2022
    Timothy shares a lesson from Trevor Noah’s life that we can all learn to help us cope with ourselves. He also shares a story from when he attended The Daily Show.
    Timothy Maurice Webster