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  • The Science of Change with MIT Professor, Dr Deborah Ancona October 22, 2020
    Timothy speaks to MIT Professor, Dr Deborah Ancona, about the Immunity to Change - a theory pioneered by Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. This short episode gives you the insight you need to understand your hidden, competing commitments that are more important than motivation and desire in your quest to change. It's hard, […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • Understanding What You Are Known For (New York research) October 15, 2020
    Timothy decides to repurpose the social research he did in New York to flip the question to interrogate what you are known for, and how the story you are known for can impact your influence and ultimately what you become. You can become intentional about engineering a link between your internal value and your perceived […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • The Science of Content Creation with NYU Prof. Alixandra Barasch October 8, 2020
    Timothy speaks to New York University Stern Professor Alixandra Barasch about her latest research which shows that when you’re immersed in your phone creating content, you’re not missing out - in fact, your immersion in the experience is enriched. Professor Barasch’s research goes counter to the prevailing narrative that ‘being on your phone’ reduces your […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • Behavioural Design: Designing Change September 30, 2020
    Timothy Maurice speaks to Amy Bucher, PhD about her book 'Engaged: Designing for Behaviour Change', and they explore 5 key insights into behavioural psychology - Ability blockers, Designing for Growth, Connection, Change and Designing for your Future Self. Amy is VP of Behaviour Change Design at Mad Pow, a design agency in Boston, Massachusetts... which […]
    Timothy Maurice
  • A Neuroscience Professor’s Brain Power Short Course (Part 3 of 3) September 23, 2020
    Timothy Maurice interviews MIT Neuroscience Professor, Dr Tara Swart in a 3-part Brain Power series to help you get more out of your brain and apply the latest brain research to your personal brand and leadership journey. In this final episode, they share 5 simple strategies to boost your brain. Dr Swart is the author […]
    Timothy Maurice