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  • 5 Powerful Arousal Strategies (Pt 3 of 3) September 23, 2021
    Timothy presents the third episode in the psychology of arousal. In this episode, he shares 5 power arousal strategies to awaken others, to trigger others' interest in you, your ideas, your brand or whatever you’re trying to share with the world.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Meeting Oprah, The Art of Influence September 17, 2021
    Timothy shares one of his favourite episodes - what he learned about influence from meeting Oprah. This is a bonus episode as he puts the finishing touches on episode 3 of the Arousal series.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • The Arousal War (Pt 2 of 3) September 10, 2021
    In episode 2 of 3, Timothy unpacks what he terms the ‘arousal war’, which looks at how your evolved conscious mind, your unconscious mind, and social media algorithms are fighting for your brain and behaviour.
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • The Arousal Need with Neuroscientist Dr Dean Sherzai (Pt 1 of 3) September 3, 2021
    Timothy explores how our nervous systems are wired to experience arousal, and why if you hope to succeed, you must be prepared to arouse others with your ideas and products. Dr Dean Sherzai - a Neurologist and Neuroscientist at Loma Linda University in Southern California - explains why our brains are wired for arousal, and […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster
  • Arouse: Trailer August 27, 2021
    Timothy brings you his latest series on the neuroscience of arousal, and why you should be proactively trying to arouse people from their dormant view on who you are and what you have to offer. The 3-part series will explore the biology of arousal, the arousal war and how to apply the principles to trigger […]
    Timothy Maurice Webster